by reganhale

Yesterday morning I went shopping with Bell and David for the household’s groceries.   My second time going, I was nonetheless surprised at how much fun grocery shopping can be.  To begin, I love how local everything is here.  For fruit, we go to the produce shop at the top of the hill; for meat, to the butcher’s shop; and for bread, to the wonderful yellow shop across the street.  This entire process is done on bikes or, if wearing a skirt or restricted by the altitude and its unfortunate lack of oxygen, by foot.  The experience also not only provides me the opportunity to practice my Spanish and learn words such as today’s “repollo” (cabbage), but also lets the kids practice their multiplication, addition, and so on as we track costs and change.  

However, though these parts are fun, interesting, and exciting, they are not my favorite part.  For, this label is reserved for the shopkeeper in the aforementioned “wonderful yellow shop across the street.”  She smiles. Always. Except, perhaps, when she is laughing.  The other day when we were in the shop, Bell said something like “I love it when people smile because it makes me smile.”   And, while the contagious nature of smiles is something I have been hearing about since… well, who knows when, it’s just different hearing it from a nine year old and realizing the difference this smiling woman honestly has on my attitude each morning. 

Hence, the lesson of the day:  Smile more.