June 26, 2012

by reganhale

Today was filled with a number of things: a trip to the zoo, a picnic, my tripping 8 times (the kids started a count), my first Spanish lesson . . .

 However, what really struck me today were two things: first, an e-mail from my wonderful sister and second, Bell and David’s daily blog posts.

 Regarding the e-mail, it simply contained the characteristic Ali phrases that warm my heart, wherever I may be in the world.  I challenge anyone to hear “I love you” five times in one paragraph and not smile.  Need I say more?

The blog posts were similarly inspiring.  The particular blog on which they wrote is one we have started to record the various things we have and will be doing this summer (mendozakids.wordpress.com).   They wrote soon after getting home from their visit to the TIPNIS marcher camp outside the city and describe the feelings of gratitude they felt after seeing the condition of the people there.   And so . . .

 Lesson of the day: Love and learn from everyone.