July 9

by reganhale

It has been quite a week.

I suppose I shall rewind to last Monday, the first “Math Monday,” a theme which wasn’t quite as well received as I had hoped. I would say it is somewhat of a sign when the rhyme I suggested we make became the following:

Four, eight, twelve, sixteen,

Multiplication is so mean.

Twenty, twenty-four, twenty-eight,

Multiplication is what I hate…

Monday and Tuesday also saw the arrival of a total of seven new volunteers.  All from England.  So then, Wednesday I celebrated the Fourth of July with no less than eight Englanders and no fellow Americans.  That was a first. A campfire, guitar, and a healthy dose of Bob Dylan helped to compensate.

I finally got to go on the hike near the house called Muela del Diablo this past weekend. Pictures posted.

Lesson of the week: When competing in an egg drop, a well-designed parachute is always worthwhile.